Recovery is something to celebrate. We spend so much time wishing we had been more ill, wishing we had gotten thinner, and we don’t see the beauty in recovery.

We get to eat again.

We get to laugh again.

We have a second chance at life.

Celebrate recovery, celebrate yourself, celebrate your life.




  • Amazonian Raw Food Bar
  • Raw Coconut Oil
  • Chia Seed Shot
  • Organic Comfort Tea
  • Vanilla Tea
  • Nutrimetics Antioxidant Face Masque
  • Nutrimetics Hand Cream
  • 2 Small Jars
  • Notebook
  • Bracelet



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I am happy to ship internationally, I will message the winner as soon as the giveaway is drawn. If they do not respond in 48 hours a new winner will be drawn.

Best of Luck, and Stay Strong my lovelies <3


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Title: Science Project
Fandom/Characters: XMFC; Hank McCoy, Alex Summers
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: This sucks. I got a bit carried away. There is angst.
Summary: Hank and Alex are in high school. They are complete opposites and are forced to work on a science project together
Word Count: 1590
Author’s Note: Ugh, it’s 3 am. I should not be writing fan fics any time after midnight.

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Fic Rec: The Fics Andrea Reads the Most

This is Only Now (Where Do We Go From Here)

XMFC - Hank/Alex (bby!Scott)

Hank has adopted Scott, and Alex comes into the picture. Long, but completely fucking worth it. 


BBC Sherlock - Johnlock

PWP in a library. Word porn. Literally.


Supernatural - Destiel

Axe body spray at its finest. I especially love it since Phoenix Axe is the best. Thing. Ever.

Hidden Truths

Avengers - Super Husbands

First fanfic I ever read for Super Husbands. Holds a special place in my heart.

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fic: you better run away, baby (before I put my spell on you) | HankAlex, ‘X-Men: First Class’


Title: you better run away, baby (before I put my spell on you)
Author: kevo
Pairing: Hank/Alex
Rating: PG-13 (language, sexual situations)
Warnings:: dubious use of telepathic control, but nothing too scary.
Word Count: just over 6,500

Summary: In his quest for a cure to his physical mutation, Hank gets more than he bargained for – and then some.
Author’s Note: Inspired by these two ‘love potion’ fic prompts. Not quite a love potion, but it’s what called out to me.

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oh hey look ive been shitty in managing my blogs

im so sorry guys, ive had some personal issues but theyre kind of over, hopefully for good, and im back now

thank you for sticking with me (‘:

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The most beautiful, amazing, flawless fanfiction about Hank McCoy & Alex Summers that I’ve ever red.

Actually made me weep for the second time (which is saying a lot!).

Beautifully written, wonderful story, brilliant ending. Total fic rec if you love McSummers.

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Hank performing sekuhara on Alex.

My Alex looks like jailbait lololo~

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Attempting to fill this prompt at x-men_firstkink. I’m terrible at writing so I can only art fill. And I’ll probably never finish this anyway *sob* ;u;

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